Shipping & delivery

Prices, shipping costs and delivery information

The prices on our product pages are including the statutory VAT and other parts of the price.

We deliver worldwide.

In addition to the stated product prices, we add a fee of 5.40 € (gross, for products with 19% VAT) for orders with a total value of goods of less than 75.-€ for delivery in Germany. For delivery within the EU, regardless of the order value, 8.90 € (for purchase of goods with 19% VAT) and for worldwide delivery 15.90 €.
The shipping costs will be clearly declared in your basket and during the checkout and payment process.

The shipping allowance for Germany and the EU contains the statutory German VAT.
As German VAT is calculated for the shipping costs depending on the goods in your basket/order, it can decrease with the products you select (e.g. buying books – or our syrups).
That means, that the shipping allowance can only be calculated during the ordering process but could only decrease to your advantage, not increase above the price declared above.